Top 10 Most Followed Tollywood Actors On Instagram

Most Followed Tollywood Actors On Instagram: Tollywood stars are increasingly using social media to share news directly with fans. Instagram has more users than any other social media site, including Twitter and Facebook. Instagram’s primary strength is in media sharing. Instagram has more devotees than either Facebook or Twitter. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Tollywood actors in terms of Instagram followers.


Top 10 Most Followed Tollywood Actors On Instagram

Sl.No Actor Name Instagram Followers
1 Vijay Devarakonda 13 Million
2 Allu Arjun 13 Million
3 Mahesh Babu 7.2 Million
4 Prabhas 6.9 Million
5 Ram Charan Tej 4.2 Million
6 Chiranjeevi 1.5 Million
7 Nani 4 Million
8 Venkatesh 1.3 Million
9 Varun Tej 2.6 Million
10 Akkineni Akhil 2.3 Million

Vijay On Top

As of this writing, Vijaya Devarakonda has amassed an impressive 13 million Instagram followers, making him the platform’s undisputed top star. However, he has just recently emerged as a major figure in Tollywood. When compared to other prominent actors like Ramcharan, Allu Arjun, Mahesh babu, and others, his rise to fame has been lightning fast.

Prabhas In Instagram

With around 13 million fans, Allu Arjun is in second place, just behind Vijay devarakonda. After Mahesh babu’s 7.2 million followers, Prabhas is in fourth place with 6.9 million. There is no verified Prabhas Twitter account. He maintains a busy official Instagram account for himself.

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