List of Top 10 Telugu YouTubers and Telugu Vloggers

Top 10 Telugu YouTubers and Telugu Vloggers: There are two main categories of creators. In contrast to “YouTubers,” who create videos exclusively for YouTube and blogs, “Vloggers” (video bloggers) create videos that they share on multiple online video platforms. These include Facebook Live Stream, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and even YouTube and personal blogs. There are a large number of YouTubers and vloggers in the states of Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana (Telangana), all of whom discuss the things they’re passionate about and which they hope to inspire and inform their viewers about. This article will list the top 10 Telugu YouTubers/Vloggers so you have something to watch while you’re stuck inside.


These days, people rarely leave their homes, preferring to spend their time indoors with their electronic devices. YouTube has been overwhelmed with a lot of new and original content from all around the world as a result of the recent proliferation of shows featuring collaborations with artists from all over the world. Despite the fact that the current shutdown has presented content providers with a number of difficulties, YouTubers and daily Vloggers have discovered inventive ways to keep their audiences engaged with videos. Here are the Top 10 Telugu YouTubers and Telugu Vloggers, who consistently deliver fresh content and manage to win over their viewers.

List of Top 10 Telugu YouTubers and Telugu Vloggers

Those of us who speak Telugu and are always on the lookout for more information will find this post invaluable. The following link will take you to our comprehensive directory of Telugu YouTubers and Vloggers. Here you can find a complete inventory of all the necessary blogs. All that’s required is that you click on the link and go through it. Let’s check out this list of popular Telugu-language YouTube channels and Telugu-language vlogs.

List of Top 10 Telugu YouTubers for Entertainment

Below is the list of Top 10 Telugu YouTubers for Entertainment and Time Pass.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Harsha Sai Harsha Sai – For You Telugu
02. Shanmukh Jaswanth Shanmukh Jaswanth
03. Harika Dhethadi
04. FunMoji FunMoji
05. Suma Sumakka
06.  Jahnavi Mahathalli
07. Teja Tej India
08. Chandu Sai Pakkinti Kurradu
09. Bunty Bumchick Bunty
10. Wirally Wirally
11. Rey 420 Rey 420
12. Abhignya Kiraak Style

Top 10 Telugu Travel Vloggers 2021

Below are the list of top 10 best Telugu travel vloggers from our Two Telugu states.

Sl.No Travel Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Raja Reddy Telugu Traveller
02. Ravi Ravi Telugu Traveller
03. Subha Veerapaneni Subha Veerapaneni
04. Sandeep kumar Uppalapati Telugu Travel Vlogger
05. Anvesh Naa Anveshana
06. Uma Uma Telugu Traveller
07. Raju Kanneboina Raju Kanneboina
08. Shourya Exploring Infiniti
09. Nanda Nanda’s Journey
10. Naren Naren Telugu Traveller

Top 10 Telugu Youtubers and Vloggers in Abroad

There are more than a hundred Telugu vloggers based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Africa, and other places who routinely post vlogs on a wide range of themes. Here are the top 10 Telugu vloggers as chosen by the site administrator.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Vaas Vaas Vlogs
02. Ravi Ravi Telugu Traveller
03. Michael Telugutalian
04. Sanjana and Sahithi Akka and Chelli
05. Chaitanya and Sandhya Samyana Kathalu
06. Nandu Nandu’s World
07. Neelu Neelus Vlogs from Africa
08. Shourya Exploring Infiniti
09. Himavarsha Pasumarthy Hima Journal from USA
10. Deepya sharanya Europelo Muddapappu avakai

Top 10 Telugu Bike Vloggers (Motovlogger)

Here is a list of some of the greatest Telugu YouTubers who focus on Indian food and cooking.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Bayya Sunny Yadav Bayya Sunny Yadav
02. Sandeep Nadimpalli Sandeep Nadimpalli
03. M.Dhanaa Praneeth Reddy Godavari Abbai
04. VJ Ride With VJ
05. Anil Anil Motovlogs
06. Hippie Hippie on Super Bike Vlogs
07. Sudheer Kumar Reddy (Late) Sudheer Kumar Reddy

Top 10 Telugu Celebrity Vloggers

The best Telugu YouTubers who post food and cookery vlogs focused on Indian cuisine are listed below.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Siva Balaji & Madhu SivaMadhu
02. Rohini Rowdy Rohini
03. Himaja Its Himaja
04. Sushma & Ravi Kiran Sushma Kiron
05. Srivani Madam Anthe
06. Vindhya Vindhya Vishaka
07. Syamala Yem Chepparu Syamala Garu
08. Lasya Lasya Talks
09. Siva Jyothi Jyothakka
10. Bigg Boss Sujatha Super Sujatha

Top 10 Telugu Tech Vloggers

Below are the list of Telugu Celebrity vloggers and who does vlogs on their interests like Home, Kitchen, Food and many more.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Srinivas Telugu Tech with Srinivas
02. Vaasu Vaasu Tech Vlogs
03. Nani Prabhakar Tech-Logic in Telugu
04. Prasad PrasadtechinTelugu
05. Sai Krishna Sai Krishna
06. Hafiz Telugu Tech Tuts
07. Dileep Murgan TEDMED TECH
08.  Shankar Shankartakursolutions
09. Ganesh Telugu Techpad

List of Top 10 Telugu YouTubers: Cooking Channel

Here is a list of the top 10 Telugu YouTubers who upload vlogs about Indian cuisine and cooking.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Bhargavi Amma Chethi Vanta
02. Gowthami iSmart Gowthami
03. Teja paruchuri Vismai Food
04. Shravani Shravani’s kitchen
05. Hebbars Kitchen Hebbars Kitchen
06.  Sailaw Sailaws kitchen
07. Vishnu Vishnu Mini Food
08. Jayasree Jayasrees Vlogs
09. Swapna Smart Telugu Housewife
10. Sunita TTH -The Telugu Housewife

List of Top 10 Telugu YouTubers – Facts Channel

See below for a list of the top ten Telugu YouTubers who also produce fact-based vlogs.

Sl.No Vlogger Name Channel Name
01. Arun Surya Teja Arun Surya Teja
02. Vikram Aditya Vikram Aditya
03. Ramakrishna Telugu badi
04. Kranthi Kranthi Vlogger
05. BM Chalapathi BMC Facts
06. Raja V R Facts In Telugu
07. Tony Krazy Tony
08. Minute Stuff తెలుగు Minute Stuff తెలుగు
09. Chandu CTC FACTS
10. Telugu Knowledge Telugu Knowledge
11. Telugu Ocean Telugu Ocean

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