Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts To Lead a Better Life

Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts: Tollywood filmmaker Puri Jagannadh is well-known for starting his own podcast during the 2009 COVID-19 outbreak, when he discussed numerous issues of interest to his fans. Success, troubles, humanity, fear, guilt, and many other human emotions are among the topics he covers. As the Corona virus spreads, here are the top 10 Puri Jagannadh Spotify podcasts to listen to.


Top 7 Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcasts To Lead a Beautiful Life

#1 Drone

Puri Jagannadh’s Drone is a top pick among his podcasts on Spotify, Puri Musings. Without a doubt, this Podcast will benefit everyone dealing with difficulties in their daily lives. You should “look at the problems from a Drone standpoint, not from the conventional ground view,” as the podcast puts it. When viewed from above with a drone, problems in simple worlds appear less daunting.

#2 Comfort Zone

According to the podcast, staying in our comfort zone is a recipe for disaster. Taking chances improves our capacity for original thought and brings us greater joy and excitement. Therefore, this Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcast urges its listeners to stop taking life for granted and instead to embrace opportunity by taking calculated risks.

#3 Money

Puri Jagannadh’s Money is a top Spotify podcast because it emphasises the significance of wealth in creating a fulfilling existence. The podcast explains why money is so crucial in modern life. Since we live in a society where it is essential to have cash on hand. Therefore, value money and make enough of it to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

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#4 Fear

We all know that nobody is born afraid, yet cultural and religious influences can instil a healthy dose of apprehension. The fear of God was instilled in us, but not the love for him. This fantastic Spotify podcast by Puri Jagannadh advises us to keep our sense of humour and to exercise regularly in order to strengthen our bodies and overcome any short-term anxiety that may arise.

#5 Common Sense

In today’s environment, it’s not uncommon to find well-educated persons lacking in common sense while the poorly educated seem to have it all figured out. Accepting setbacks, loyalty, recognising danger, strong will, etc. are all part of common sense, but these days fools run the world. Therefore, he suggests taking some sense with you but not sharing it with naive individuals.

#6 Older Friends

Our time with our grandparents, especially as children, is a treasured memory for all of us. When we’re older, though, we’ll be too busy to keep up with our old friends. A long-standing friendship from your past can open up a world of possibilities for you in the present and the future. According to puri, the optimal age difference between you and your closest friend is 20 years.

#7 Anxiety

In today’s society, anxiety is extremely frequent, affecting a large percentage of the population. Recovery from Anxiety is the topic of this Puri Jagannadh Spotify Podcast. He also emphasises the importance of spending time with pets as a means of reducing stress and maintaining a calm disposition.