Do you know when does Mcdonalds serve breakfast

McDonald's offers a variety of mouthwatering options for breakfast. You can pick from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, including toasty McMuffins, Hot Cakes, Scrambled eggs, Waffles, Dosa Masala Brioche, and even the creamy McEgg burger.

We've switched to a new oil for cooking. As a result, the saturated fat content is reduced by 80%, but you still get the same great taste you've come to expect.

All-day breakfast was removed from McDonald's national menu at the start of the pandemic, but it has since returned at some locations.

The meat is cooked in the restaurant and served to you after being minced and slaughtered and then dipped in our delectable tempura batter.

Starting at 5am, McDonald's breakfasts are served until 11am. Although the start time varies from store to store, all McDonald's restaurants finish their breakfast menus at 11am.

With the new lighter mayo flavor, you can still enjoy the same great taste.

We're always adding new items to our menu so you can enjoy what you're eating.

"To simplify operations in our kitchens, which we saw provided better speed of service and accuracy for our customers," McDonald's eliminated its popular all-day breakfast.

Breakfast is served at McDonald's until 10:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m., but the menu and hours vary by location.