Do you know when will the earth explode

Long-term influences on Earth's biology and geology can be used to predict the future of the planet.

Life has a way of bouncing back. According to some scientists, the Earth's first living organisms appeared some 4 billion years ago.

Huge space rocks were still pummeling our planet at the time. The cycle of life, on the other hand, continued.

Catastrophes have been a common occurrence on Earth throughout its history.

Humanity could be wiped out by asteroid collisions, supernova explosions, and other natural disasters.

A catastrophic event 1 billion years from now is likely to deplete the planet's oxygen supply, resulting in the extinction of all life.

Countless species have been wiped out by supernova explosions, asteroid impacts, massive volcanic eruptions, and abrupt climate shifts.

It's always been that way, though. Species are created. It's a never-ending cycle.

So, what would it take to end life as we know it?? While humanity may be surprisingly fragile, sterilising the entire planet appears to be a difficult task.