Dee Dee Benkie is a native of Indiana and an American performer best known for her role in the film Sicilian Vampire.

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She was previously involved in politics and held a number of important positions within the Republican Party.

She worked as an aide to former US President George W. Bush and among the strategists.

Dee Dee Benkie is a member of the Republican Party's National Committeewomen.

Your famous American actor, author, sculptor, and author Paul Sorvino will be her love of her life.

They've been secret fans for a long time and promised to meet on Neil Cavuto's Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Dee Dee Benkie must have a child, but she is the proud stepmother of two sons and a girl born to her husband, Paul Sorvino.

Dee Dee Benkie has appeared in several films since switching to acting.

Her job with the Republican Party, coupled with her acting career, has attracted no little cash to her accounts.