Top 5 Popular TV Shows in Telugu: ETV, Gemini, ZEE Telugu

Popular TV Shows in Telugu 2022 (ETV, Gemini TV, Star Maa, ZEE Telugu): In terms of small-screen entertainment, nothing beats a good TV show or serial. TV serials were crucial to the ratings success of networks in the early ’90s. The spotlight has now turned to Telugu Reality Shows and Telugu Game Shows. Many famous people are appearing on reality TV shows to cash in on the genre’s sudden popularity. Take a peek at the most popular Telugu language TV shows in the upcoming year 2021.


#1 Cash (క్యాష్)

The Telugu game show Cash is consistently rated as among the channel’s most popular programming. With her skill as an anchor and her comedic timing, Suma Kanakala made this show a smashing success. The show just wrapped up its 150th instalment, which included the Gaali Sampath movie crew. As a form of movie marketing, celebrity appearances on Cash, a popular Telugu game show, were frequently sought out.

Channel Name: ETV

Host: Suma Kanakala

Show Timings: Every Saturday at 9:00 P.M

#2 Alitho Saradaga (ఆలీతో సరదాగా)

Alitho Saradaga, a popular programme on ETV, features conversations with long-forgotten Tollywood actors and actresses. Ali, a Telugu actor known for his sardonic sense of humour and comedic timing, hosts the show. Ali’s show has featured interviews with a slew of well-known Telugu actors. As the director of the show, Tollywood producer Anil Kadiyala knows how to keep the audience laughing as Ali and the celebrity guests chat it up.

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Channel Name: ETV

Host: Ali

Show Timings: Every Monday at 8:00 P.M

#3 Jabardasth (జబర్దస్త్)

ETV’s Jabardasth, a Telugu comedy show, has been a ratings and critical success for years. Additionally, this programme is ranked in the top five in Telugu television’s TRP ratings. This comedy show is produced by M. Shyam Prasad Reddy, a veteran producer in the Tollywood film industry.

Channel Name: ETV

Host: Mano, Indraja

Show Timings: Every Thursday & Friday at 8:00 P.M

#4 Adhirindi (అదిరింది)

Comedy skits are performed by five different teams on the ZEE Telugu show Adhirindi. As of late, the show has been trending on YouTube like crazy. In front of a panel of judges, the talented comics of Adhirindi amaze the audience with their jokes and comedic timing.

Channel Name: ZEE Telugu

Host: Naga Babu, Navadeep

Show Timings: Hold

#5 No. 1 Yaari with me Rana (నెo.1 యారీ)

No. 1 With me, Yaari With seasons 1 and 2 on Viu India and season 3 on Aha, Rana is a popular talk programme. It airs on the Gemini network and is considered one of the best Telugu celebrity shows. Many well-known faces from Telugu cinema appear on this programme.

Channel Name: Gemini TV & Aha App

Host: Rana Daggubati

Show Timings: Hold